Where are the tourists …its so beautiful here…

Hoopoe on the road to Glossa




April is the cruelest month,breeding

Lilacs out of the dead land,mixing

memory and desire,stirring

dull roots with spring rain..

Wrote T.S.Eliot invoking how spring re-awakens us- forcing us to observe the regeneration of life after the comforting hibernation of winter, and looking around Skopelos island now there is surely no more beautiful time of year.. The hills are a maze of colours as the rich flower meadows compete with the riotous beauty of the purple flowered Judas Trees and the banana yellow Coronila bushes.The gardens are alive with full blooms of Wysteria

and the white wild Iris’s and the tall Asphodels produce spikes of excitement all over the valleys..


Judas Trees


And the beaches are empty and the azure water,if a little cold ,is sparkling and fresh.

Also we are in the season for our visiting birds.The Swallows have arrived, the Hoopoe’s are bouncing around the roads like demented parrots and a myriad of small colourful feathered friends are depleting the insect population. Soon we will see flocks of beautiful Bee Eaters flashing by and already the Kingfishers and diving in Agnondas port for their dinners..

But where amidst all this beauty are the tourists to see and experience it..do they really only come for the burning sun, is there no demand for such experiences in the cooler months? There is still enough UV flying around  to turn most people to copper but where are the walkers and the bird watchers and the flower lovers or just people who want to experience the quiet beauty of the island nature and culture..Cyclists, kayakers, sailors where are you ..you are missing the best bits!