The most beautiful flowers on Skopelos are the one you never see….






The winter weather has brought the island into full bloom late this year but the sudden rush of  colours would do any impressionist painter proud. Fields of Wild Iris and Poppies stand tall and proud amongst the contrasting tones of Lupins ,Mallow,Verbascum- and hundreds of other species- all adding their splashes to the colour palette. But some of the most beautiful of the current crop of flowers  are ones most people will never really notice.. and you are more likely to tread on them than see them! The myriad of tiny flowers that make up the pointillist background to their taller fellows ,giving minute dots of colour to the hillsides that build up a pattern  that may be visible- but rarely observed in detail.

Seen up close they are every bit,and more,beautiful than larger cousins,Blue Periwinkle,wild Forget-me-not,minute Geranium Molle, Silene-Cretica ,Hypochaeris Radicata. and hundreds more of small -but perfectly formed- gems to see. So next time you you walk down a country lane don’t just view these wonderful ,resplendent meadows from a distance – get down close and see the beauty you have been missing.