New Beginnings in Glossa





The much beloved grill taverna with the exotic name “Το Στεκκι Του Μαστορας” has gone (soon to re open with new owners) but the exuberant owners Georgos and Vangelitsa have re appeared with a new butchers shop just 30 meters away. This needed addition to Glossa is run by mother and daughter team -Vangelitsa and Machi -at the front of shop while Georgos will do much of the butchery and- is often seen tending the animals on the hillsides around the Punta area. Local produce will be served wherever possible and a large airy purpose built shop with modern equipment (and easy accessibility on the main road)is sure to bring success to the venture. Its great to see a local family start a new business in Glossa after the economic turmoil has closed so many down. New beginnings for Mastoras and for the village.