Bougainvilleas may need some back up if climate change causes more freak weather

Although the terrible freak weather of the winter has devastated the Bougainvilleas, which normally provide us with so much vivid colour, we still have plenty to amaze on the island. The Rosa Banksiae with its wands of buttercup yellow are especially strong after their snow covering as are the lavender hued Wysteria which seem untouched by the frosts. We also have the intense royal blue of the Ceanothus to fill in util the Bougainvilleas re-establish themselves. Some have survived and will re sprout from the roots, if the dead wood is cut back,others need replacing. We hope its another 100 years till such destructive weather for a Mediterranean garden returns but as the climate change moves forward so quickly it may be best to grow some other non tender plants such as these survivors to stand in if for their colourful cousins just in case.