Bee Eaters do it upside down..

The arrival of the amazingly coloured Bee Eaters(Μελισσαφαγος) every spring brings us the fantastic ariel gymnastics they perform as they hunt their prey of wasps and bees. These large and beautifully marked birds however move at lightning speed and are difficult to catch in mid flight in camera. When you do get lucky though a special trait of these birds emerges as they take their food upside down! They have a technique of diving behind the insect and coming up on its blind side to take it but at the last moment completing a barrel roll as it strikes! Why nobody knows but with amazing eyesight these lovely birds can spot a bee at 100 meters and maybe its more fun to do it this way!. They take only about 1% of the available bee population and also feed on wasps dragonfly’s etc so hopefully irate honey producers wont start a war on this fabulous bird!