Arriving in Skopelos




Greek island life is all about leaving and arriving .The constant meeting of boats as people depart to the mainland cities,of for more distant shores- the eternal diaspora of the Greeks.And as always the bustle in the port ,as the boat loads and departs, is followed by the eerie sadness of the empty dock-a place vacated- full of memories.Without the boats that serve the islands life would be unsustainable,so in the spring as more boats appear they,like the weather, bring fresh hope,vigour and a sense of the freedoms and bounty that summer will bring. And those that have left the island will return to see it in its full glory,as the seasons change,as although circumstance may have taken them away their hearts have always remained here.

As they arrive back renewed,refreshed or enriched by their travels and adventures- tumbling from the boats with suitcases, packages and mysterious boxes tied with string- the port is enriched with greetings, reunions and joy.Paradise regained.